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Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)
Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)
Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)
Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)
Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)

Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)

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Forged from True Carbon Steel, Vivid Forged Wedges deliver outstanding performance with a remarkably soft and responsive touch. Featuring deep grooves and a sand-blasted face, they provide enhanced spin and precision in your short game. The CNC machined sole geometry ensures superior turf interaction, while the polished Satin + Nickel Chromium finish not only looks stunning but also protects your wedges from rust. Perfect for golfers of all skill levels, from seasoned players to those with a higher handicap.


  • Forged from True Carbon Steel 
  • Fine-tuned for perfect launch angles, distance, and spin rates
  • Innovative grooves and sand blasted face for enhanced spin
  • Soft feel and optimal control
  • CNC machined sole geometry for superior sole to turf interaction
  • Polished with Satin + Nickel Chromium that will not rust
  • USGA conforming



  • The shafts are mid flex (in between a regular and stiff). We use OEM steel shafts made for wedges and accommodate most swing speeds.
  • 63.5 Degree Lie Angle for all 3 wedges (Standard)
  • 10 Degree Bounce on 52 & 60 wedges (Standard). 12 Degree Bounce on 56 degree wedge (Standard). 
  • Golf Shafts .370" Tip Size (Also known as parallel tip shafts)


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Forged Wedge Set (52,56,60)